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Greenlit Productions received the Creative Europe MEDIA grant

Greenlit Productions is happy to announce that we were granted Creative Europe MEDIA’s Slate Development in 2023. The Slate Development portfolio of Greenlit Productions consists of five projects: the documentary series Remarkable Women – Out of the Shadows, a short film Thank You Mom, I Love You!, and fiction films Lex Julia, Propaganda Man, and There Is No Colour on the Other Side.

According to Media Desk Finland, 2023 was the best year for Finland of all time when receiving MEDIA grants for almost 2.7 million euros. Greenlit Productions congratulates all other production companies too!

The Creative Europe MEDIA programme supports developing, distributing, and promoting the European film and audiovisual industry. Creative Europe MEDIA’s Slate Development encourages production companies to build a portfolio with 3 to 5 audiovisual works with creativity and high quality.

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