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There Is No Colour on the Other Side

Original Title: There Is No Colour on the Other Side

Length: 90 min

Genre: Sci-Fi Comedy

Writer-Director:  Aet Laigu

Producers: Merja Ritola, Essi Haukkamaa

Co-Producers: Serce, Kuba Kosma (PL)

                             Meteoriit, Aet Laigu (EE)



THERE IS NO COLOUR ON THE OTHER SIDE is a surreal and philosophical sci-fi comedy that seeks meaning in our lives, and explores our quest for eternal youth. It is set in the imaginary mountain town of Rondelis, known for its iron-rich water, believed to possess special properties that extend life. The story follows Mr. Daron, an 86-year old newcomer who is determined not to succumb to old age. As the town’s chief physician, Doctor Elder, is unable to explain the cause of death of an 89-year old resident named Jack Reed, Mr. Daron’s obsession with his fear of death grows. He becomes resolute in his determination to search for the truth about Reed’s death by himself.


During his journey, Mr. Daron encounters strange and unexpected places, as well as a colorful cast of characters, including Eve, who is eleven years older than him but bursting with life. When Eve fails to appear at one of the funerals that are commonly attended by the Rondelians, Mr. Daron realizes that what he truly fears is not at all death. He decides to bare his soul, in order to find the woman.

The film is supported by the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme.

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