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Propaganda Man

Length: 90 min

Genre: Drama

Director: Lauri Haukkamaa

Producers: Essi Haukkamaa, Merja Ritola

Co-Producer: Revolver Films / Karin Reinberg

propaganda man.png

Director’s Note

Lauri Haukkamaa

I got the idea for this film after reading journalist Pekka Lehtonen’s memoir Tehtävä Tallinnassa (Like 2016, Finland). What caught my attention was a captivating story of a ambitious, energetic young man following his calling behind the Iron Curtain. As a true idealist he believed he was serving the greater good. In the end the dream collapsed when he found out that the ideal was just a big hoax. 


But at the same time he had gained something better. He had made life lasting friends and developed an interest to a new, vibrant country. 


Although set time 50 years ago the story has many reflection points to the world we’re living now. The young man's quest to follow his belief is recognizable. With the current welfare many have the privilege to preach topics they feel close to. Today's views of the politics are as polarized as they were then. Once again we feel that we are living on a brink of a world war.


The use of a media as a tool for propaganda hasn’t changed. The message is still coloured depending who is talking. To remind the audience to be aware of the voice behind the news is continuously important.


Most of all the story is about the energy and optimism of a young mind. The main characters are in their early twenties, having the time of their life. Beside friendships the story is also about love. The young couple, Pekka and his bride Maisu go through their early married years during the time in Tallinn. They learn about each other at the same time they learn the ways of the foreign country. 

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