Original title: Surnud Naine


Length: 100 min

Genre: Modern hostage drama

Year of production: 2021

Production country: Estonia-Sweden-Finland

Starring: Frida Westerdahl, Ali Suliman, Ann Petrén, Magnus Krepper, Jessica Grabowsky

Director: Kadri Kõusaar

Producer: Aet Laigu

Co-Producers: MostAlice Film, producers Charlotte Most &Marie Larsson Guerpillon; Greenlit Productions, producers Essi Haukkamaa & Merja Ritola

Image from feature film Deserted

Image : Kadri Kõusaar.

On an assignment to the abandoned, lawless and apocalyptic Sinai coast a Swedish photo journalist Ingrid (Frida Westerdahl) is kidnapped by a gang of Palestinian men and hidden in the desert.  Soon Ingrid finds herself falling in love with the most sympathetic of the abductors, Ali (Ali Suliman).  Ali's boss Moussa suspects that something is going on and becomes increasingly dangerous and violent.

"This is a film about an all-conquering love between people from completely different cultural backgrounds who find each other in the desert. It is in the desert where the soul becomes naked and what really matters comes to the surface," describes the director Kadri Kõusaar.