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Remarkable Women 

Genre: Documentary TV-series

Duration: 6 x 60 min

Directors: Mervi Enqvist, Leena Kilpeläinen, Nora Jacobson

Producers: Merja Ritola, Jane Applegate, Essi Haukkamaa, Alice Look

Budget: Approx. 380 000 € / episode (1,9 milj. €)

Languages: English, Finnish, French, Italian, Irish, Swedish

Shooting Countries: Finland, Romania, Poland, Ireland, Italy, India, USA

Production Companies: Greenlit Productions (FI),

                                            Ninth Street Productions (USA)

Treatment and Demo: Available for James Joyce pilot on request

Status: Research and Scripts in Development

Financiers: TBC

Filming: 2023–2024

Series Completion: 2024


The new site will go live in mid-January.

Nora-The Muse.jpeg

Greenlit Productions is collaborating with American writer-producer, Jane Applegate, to produce an innovative hybrid documentary series about remarkable women behind iconic men around the world. Each episode features expert interviews, archival footage, cutting-edge animation, and scripted scenes.


The demo: Remarkable Women: The Tale Behind Ulysses was shot in the United States, France, and Ireland. It features six remarkable women who were behind the writing and publication of James Joyce’s ground-breaking novel, Ulysses.


Other episodes being developed for the TV or streaming series will feature untold stories about women in history including: the two women, Eva Agata Törngren and Ida Lönnrot, who supported Finnish poet and cultural hero, Elias Lönnrot. Aino Aalto who was an architect and a wife of famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, and two American women, structural engineer Emily Roebling, who completed the Brooklyn Bridge after her husband fell ill and Ann Axtell Morris, an archaeologist and author who discovered artifacts of native communities in Yucatan, Mexico, and the American Southwest.


We are working with female filmmakers from around the world to collect and tell many other untold stories.

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