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Forbidden Bicycle 

Original Title: Kielletty polkupyörä


Length: 7min 

Genre: A short form documentary

Year of Production: 2018

Production Country: Finland

Starring: Shadi Wijdani, Käthi Häfliger,

                Shahen Mohammadi, Shorsh Akhta,

                Zarar Zarza

Director: Rasoul Khorram

Director of Photography: Peshraw Mirza

Editing: Peshraw Mirza

Sound Design: Peshraw Mirza

Music: Peshraw Mirza

Producer: Merja Ritola


Photo: Peshraw Mirza

Forbidden Bicycle is a documentary film about a female immigrant who learns to ride a bicycle. She comes from a country where it is haram for a woman to ride a bicycle, that is, against the rules of Islam.

In Islamic countries, lots of women dream of being allowed to ride a bicycle. They are attracted by the idea of independence and freedom, mobility and speed. As it follows the woman learning to ride a bicycle, the film also sheds light on the unfair social status of women.

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