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Remarkable Women – Out of the Shadows:

The White Squadron

Original Title: The White Squadron

Length: 58 min

Genre: Documentary Film as part of the Hybrid Documentary Anthology Series

Writers-Directors: Ilinca Neagu, Cristina Tache

Producers: Ilinca Neagu, Cristina Tache

Production Company: Greenlit Productions (FI)

Co-production companies: Kykos Media (RO), IN Visuals (BE)

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This is the story of a courageous team of pilots defying all odds to tip the scales of good over evil during World War II. Based on true events and featuring actual historical characters, the twist lies in this ragtag band of heroes – they are all women. They saved tens of thousands of souls, their entire country, but they couldn't save themselves.

The documentary series is supported by the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme.

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