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About Greenlit Productions



Producer Essi Haukkamaa founded Greenlit Productions in 2011 and Merja Ritola joined the company as Managing Director and Producer in 2017. 


Directors Mervi Enqvist and Leena Kilpeläinen also joined as minority shareholders alongside with translator Mikko Lyytikäinen in 2017. All of them have worked with Ritola and Haukkamaa on several prior projects. Our newest collaborator, Jane Applegate, is an American independent writer/ producer and professor of film based in New York.


Besides Helsinki, the company has an office in Sydney, Australia, and starting in 2022, Verplanck, New York, with the aim of an increasingly international approach to productions. 


Greenlit Productions currently has several feature films and feature-length documentaries in different stages of production, topics ranging from drama to comedy and international politics. Greenlit is also producing an episodic series about remarkable women destined for a streaming service or television  network with writers, producers and actors around the world.


Greenlit Productions discovers and works with talented, original filmmakers and lets them be heard. The company invites filmmakers to participate in an inclusive and equal storytelling environment.  

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