Power of the People

Original title: Kansanvalta


Length: 60 min

Genre: Documentary

Writer/Director: Mervi Enqvist

Producer: Essi Haukkamaa

Cinematographer : Hannu Käki

Editor : Jaani Kivinen


The Documentary follows Finnish Laura Eklund Nhaga’s journey as she tells her thoughts about living as a racialized person in Finland. It shows her travels to the USA to meet Heather Booth, from Midwest Academy, to learn about organising and how to bring those teachings into action. 

Kansanvalta is a documentary film about personal impact, finding your own voice and learning how to effectively work for change.

kansan valta.png


Director's Statement

Mervi Enqvist


When I was making my earlier film War/Peace I realized that I’m on a mission with my films. The mission is to prevent violence, to get people involved in what’s happening in the world, and with their actions somehow to advance peace, equality and justice. 


My films look for answers by helping the audience raise their own questions. Why there is inequality between race, gender, financial status etc.? Why we don’t have peace although most of us want it? Who has the power over us? What can we do to get the power back to the people?


With my earlier film, I also realized how important it is to study and learn about history. It tends to repeat itself and if we are aware of what has happened earlier, we might be able to prevent it happening again. 


Power of The People is a film about grass-root activists. We follow their ways to be active in society, how they try to wake people up and show examples for a social change. We hear their stories and understand how they have found their own voice. There are many ways to be active in the community. It's not always marching and being opposed to something. It can also be through art. I hope the audience will find their own way to be active and to serve, heal and better their communities and living conditions in their own neighborhoods. This film is a call to action!