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Lex Julia

Original Title: Lex Julia

Length: 90 min

Genre: Psychological Drama

Writer-Director: Laura Hyppönen

Producers: Merja Ritola, Essi Haukkamaa

Co-Producers: Alexandra Film, Marianne Ostrat (EE)

                            Big Safari, Richard Kondal (GB)

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Lex Julia is a nuanced, slow-burning psychological thriller that draws viewers in with elements of mystery and a growing tension between its protagonists. At the emotional core of the story is the disturbing reality of the past experiences when they reappear. On the surface, the characters pretend everything is ok. Beneath, they are living their personal nightmares. This will be an atmospheric, visceral and visually stylised journey into the dark side of human psyche.

The film is supported by the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme.

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