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The Other Side of the River 

Original Title: The Other Side of the River

Finnish Title: Joen toisella puolen

A feature length documentary by Antonia Kilian


Length: 96 min

Genre: Documentary

Year of Production: 2021

Production Country: Germany / Finland

Script: Antonia Kilian, Guevara Namer, Arash Asadi

Editor: Arash Asadi

Original Music: Composed by Shkoon

Sound Design and Re-recording: Stephan Konken

Colourist: Sally Shamas

Graphic Designer: Naji El Mir

Producers: Frank Müller, Antonia Kilian, Guevara Namer, Merja Ritola

Production Manager: Komîna Film a Rojava / Sevinaz Evdike

Commissioning Editor: Erkko Lyytinen


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04/2021 CPH:DOX – F:act Award, Danmark – World Premiere

05/2021 DOK.fest München, Germany

05/2021 Molodist Kyiv, Ukraine

06/2021 Biografilm Festival, Italy

08/2021 Der Neue heimatfilm #17, Austria

08/2021 Filmkunst MV, Germany

08/2021 Fünf Seen Filmfestival, Germany

09/2021 Flahertiana International Documentary Film Festival, Russia

09/2021 Syrian Doc Days, Danmark

09/2021 Achtung Berlin, Germany

09/2021 Millenium Docs Against Gravity, Poland

09/2022 Espoo Ciné International Film Festival, Finland

09/2021 Baltic Sea Docs, Latvia

09/2021 Sofia Documental, Bulgaria

09/2021 Helsinki International Film Festival, Finland

09/2021 Humans of Film Festival, Netherlands

10/2021 Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival, Germany

10/2021 Kurdisches Filmfest Berlin, Germany

10/2021 Chicago International Filmfest, USA – North American Premier

10/2021 Filmfest FrauenWelten, Germany

10/2021 DOCS.MX, Mexico

10/2021 KineNova International Film Festival, Mazedonien

10/2021 São Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil

11/2021 Docs Valencia, Spain

11/2021 Biberacher Fimfest, Germany

11/2021 Kassler Dokfest, Germany

11/2021 Duhok International Filmfestival, Irak

11/2021 Panorama International Coisa de Cinema, Brazil

12/2021 Rabat International Author Film Festival, Marocco

01/2022 Dhaka International Filmfestival, Bangladesh

04/2022 Zagreb Dox, Croatia

04/2022 Frauen Film Festival, Germany

05/2022 Global Cinema FF Boston, USA

09/2022 Europe on Screen, Indonesia

10/2022 Women Make Waves International Film Festival, Taiwan



Hessischer Film- und Kino Preis 2021, HessenFilm 2021

VFF Documentary Film Award 2021, DOK.fest München

Shortlist for the European Film Awards 2021

Best Documentary Film, Fünf Seen Filmfestival 2021

Best Documentary Camera, Achtung Berlin 2021

Global Docs, DocsMX 2021

Best Picture Award, Kinenova 2021

Best Documentary Film EST DOCUMENTARY FILM

  – Biberacher Filmfestspiele

Special Mention, Kassler Dokfest 2021

Best International Documentary Film Award, Duhok International       

   Film Festival 2021

Best International Long Film, XVII Panorama Coisa de Cinema

   Festival 2021

Best Documentary, Dhaka International Filmfestival 2022

Best Documentary Film, German Film Award 2022

Special Mention in National Competition for WomenCirectors of

   Photography, Frauen Film Fest Dortmund Cologne 2022

Sponsorship Award, Deutscger Dokumentarfilmpreis 2022

Filmpreis Glovale Perspektiven, Filmtage Globale Perspektiven 2022

Best Feature Documentary Film, London Kurdisch Film Festival 2022

Best Documentary, Das Kurdische Filmfestival Hamburg 2022

In order to avoid a forced marriage, 19-year-old Hala finds shelter across the Euphrates (North-East Syria), at a Military Academy for women. While learning how to fight, she gets inspired by the promise of freeing every woman. After the Kurdish military takes over her city from ISIS, Hala returns as a police force entitled to protect other women in danger. Hala finds herself ready to fullfil her greatest dream: to free her younger sisters from her father’s hand.


The threat of a forced marriage and the brutal stories of female oppression lead more and more women to the other side of the river.  They are trained in a strict military-style, taught that they have to protect themselves with weapons against the patriarchic society. But is there freedom to be found in a military system in the middle of war?

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