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Documentary The Other Side of the River shortlisted for European Film Awards

15 documentary films selected all recommended for a nomination for the European Film Awards 2021.

The documentary films have been selected by EFA Board Members Graziella Bildesheim (institutional/Italy) and Ada Solomon (producer/Romania), Katja Gauriloff (director, screenwriter/Finland), Kathrin Kohlstedde (festival programmer/Germany), Veton Nurkollari (artistic director/Kosovo), Orwa Nyrabia (artistic director/The Netherlands, Syria), Rada Šešić (festival programmer and filmmaker/Bosnia & Herzegovina/The Netherlands), Rajesh Thind (writer, producer and director/UK) and Ana Vicente (sales agent/UK).

In the coming weeks, the over 4,000 members of the European Film Academy will be able to view the selected films and (after the announcement of all films) vote for the nominations.

Based on the votes of all members, the nominations will be made public on 9 November 2021 during the Seville European Film Festival in Spain.

For more information on the films and a complete list of the award categories:


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