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Merja Ritola


Since 2000 Ritola has been working on 44 titles (among them Iron Sky, Jade Warrior, Man’s Job) and 24 out of them as a producer. During her career she has participated in EAVE and EWA workshops and since 2012 she has been an independent producer for short films, documentaries and fiction features.  In 2017 she joined at Greenlit Productions, established by producer Essi Haukkamaa.

Ritola’s productions include the feature documentary The Seamstress by Ville Suhonen, which won 2016 a Jussi Award for the Best Documentary Film and the award-winning documentary film Putting Lipstick on a Pig by Johan Karrento, the internationally acclaimed feature documentary The Voice of Sokurov by Leena Kilpeläinen and nationally acclaimed science-fiction feature Apeiron by Maria Ruotsala.

Currently completed with a feature documentary about the legendary Finnish print designer Maija Isola.




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