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Leena Kilpeläinen

Director, screenwriter, cinematographer

Leena Kilpeläinen studied and graduated from VGIK

(The All-Union State institute of Cinematography)

in Moscow.


She has been a director, cinematographer and screenplay writer. As a cinematographer she has worked in the films as ”The children of the big bear” (1993) in Saha-Jakutia, ”On the edge” (2002) in Tula area. As a director she has made some experimental films as “Zero” (2002), “Metro”(2003). Her first full-length documentary was “The Voice of Sokurov” (2013).


She is currently working with her second full-length documentary “Maija Isola Master of Colour and Form”. Member of the administration of the Finnish Documentary Guild from 2007 and president of the guild 2009 –2010.

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