Little Angels

Original title: Pieni raskaustarina

Length: 90 min

Genre: Fiction film

Director: Lauri Haukkamaa

Screenwriter: Sanna Reinumägi

Producers: Essi Haukkamaa, Merja Ritola

Little Angels is a movie about a family. The moment when you are growing up and trying to break away from home and at the same time you need your family the most. How does the family dynamics change when there is a new family member announcing to come?


18 -years old Alina is finishing high school with excellent grades. All was supposed to be fine and the future expectations great but then Alina finds out that she is pregnant.  Simultaneously, she has her high school graduation, her mother is at risk to lose her job and her boyfriend Niko disappears.  Alina´s world whirls upside down.

Alina, who has tendency to control everything is forced to face the biggest uncertainty and decision making in her life and a huge step towards adulthood. At the same time, she has an opportunity to redefine her place in her family, community and find her own path. 


Little Angels is also a love story and story about youth, trust of life, pressures and expectations. Alina and her boyfriend Niko are living in a reality where the expectations of success are loaded already at childhood and the pressures in high school are high. Their loving families are trying to do their best, but maybe end up doing more harm. They have their own constant worries to cope with as well.


Alina and Niko struggle together the uncertainty and the crisis – with a little help of their loving families. At the end of the story they all have more strength to face the reality and more love to share between each other.